Keegan Boulineau

Audio Engineer | Sound Recordist
Montreal, QC


Location Sound
Post-Production Editing & Mixing
Secondary Video Shooting with Audio
Classical Recording (Audio/Video)
Studio Recording

"Adaptability and learning are the keys to success"

 ...and I aspire to prove that over the course of my career. After earning two degrees at McGill University (a Bachelor's in Piano and a Master's in Sound Recording), I began as a classical recording engineer and videographer in Montreal for amateur and professional artists. I have also produced and recorded multiple albums for bands and solo artists, and worked as an editor and post-production mixer for films and webseries alike. I spent an entire summer at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity as a recording engineer practicum, learning from the best of the best recording engineers in the world. Through these experiences I quickly developed a sharp ear for detail and a hunger for precision.
 After a stint in working on film sets in summer 2018, I have decided to focus on applying this precision, especially from classical recording, to my work as a location sound mixer. My technical and practical knowledge as well as my hard work ethic has made for a seamless transition into mixing for film.
 But that's not all - allow me to add some additional value. As an experienced videographer, I can also work as a secondary shooter while simultaneously nailing that all-important audio. This could prove especially useful for things like weddings, events and even guerilla filmmaking.
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