Keegan Boulineau

Audio Engineer - Montreal, QC


Concert Recording (Audio/Video)    •    Studio Recording    •    Classical Recording    •    Mixing    •    Audio for Video

 Keegan lives and breathes music – after all, he's been a musician all his life. As a pianist with a wide musical background, it comes as no surprise that Keegan is adept at recording all genres, ranging from pop-rock bands to jazz ensembles and classical orchestras. Through a Bachelor of Music in piano and Master of Music in Sound Recording from McGill University, he has gained a sharp ear for musical detail and a hunger for precision.
 Not only is Keegan passionate about music and audio, he is also highly skilled in all things media-related. In addition to recording music, he is equally adept as an audio post-production editor and mixer, videographer and webcasting engineer.
 On top of his freelance work as an audio engineer, Keegan exposes his artistry through Montreal-based pop-rock band Glass Hour as lead singer, pianist and guitarist.


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